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The next CBF board meeting will be held on June 17, 2024 at 4pm.  


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Clara B. Ford Academy’s mission is to engage our students with a multifaceted approach offering new beginnings aimed at recovery, change, and  hope in a safe, trauma-informed environment that will enable them  to function as contributing adults with twenty-first century skills.



Clara B. Ford Academy’s vision is to purposefully create an environment that addresses the needs of the whole child, while inspiring a passion for life-long learning that leads to the realization of dreams.


Clara B. Ford Academy (CBFA) is a public middle/high school serving grades 5 - 12. CBFA follows the requirements of the Michigan Merit Curriculum by using both traditional and alternative instructional delivery methods. Successful completion of 18 credit hours is required to earn a high school diploma. Students may also earn credits through our E2020 on-line credit recovery program.

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Our Staff

We serve a population of phenomenal students, we live by the motto: Together WE WILL,” valuing collaboration among staff and students. Staff at CBF work together to cultivate a rich school culture, and we enjoy our times as a Team! We have great confidence in our students’ potential and we are deeply committed to both providing them a nurturing learning environment and helping them to build the academic and social emotional skills necessary to thrive in a competitive adult world.


We provide a nurturing, trauma-informed environment while also helping students develop the resilience and emotional-regulation skills necessary to thrive in a competitive adult world.

  • Monarch Room

  • Trauma Specialists

  • Dedicated SEL curriculum

  • Love and Logic

  • Restorative Justice

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Clara B. Ford Academy celebrated Count Day with a pep rally featuring a very special performance from Showbotz! Thank you for making this event a huge success!

Our School Culture

At CBFA, we understand that our students spend a significant amount of time in school and that their feelings about the school experience can have a big impact on their daily lives. Students not only need to feel safe at school but should also feel comfortable in a supportive environment regardless of their circumstance or background. We know that persistent positive school climate and culture is linked to positive student development, academic achievement, increased student attendance, and positive relationships between students and adults. 

Therefore, our school begins each day with a Social and Emotional lesson that develops a foundation for a positive learning community that enhances the student’s ability to succeed in school, life, college, and the workforce, amongst other activities, clubs and programs that also build positive school climate and culture.


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