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Looking for any opportunity
to join school family?

Are you looking for an opportunity to work with a wonderful staff and become an active part in a school family? Did you get your degree so you could develop innovative and engaging lessons for students with unique educational needs? 

Clara B. Ford Academy is a charter school for girls in grades 5-12 with a history of trauma. The Academy is located on the grounds of Vista Maria a residential treatment facility in Dearborn Heights, Michigan. Clara B. Ford Academy is exploring innovative strategies to assist students academically and behaviorally as part of a research project exploring the impact of trauma informed instruction on student achievement. The focus of the work is to look beyond the external behaviors and develop strategies focused on underlying issues. The main focus of the Academy and Vista Maria is to treat, heal, and educate our students.

At Clara B. Ford Academy, you will work with a team-oriented and dedicated staff, be provided with classroom support and weekly professional development, and teach in classrooms with low staff to student ratios. We are looking for teachers who are creative, flexible, organized, and passionate about teaching students with unique needs.If you believe in making a positive difference in the lives of students, thrive in an environment where collaboration is a mainstay, flexibility is a must, and a positive, self-motivated attitude makes you a part of a unique school family, then you need to apply today!


 "I have worked at CBF for many years. It is by far the most rewarding and enjoyable job I've ever had, and I fully plan to retire from here.

We work with the world's most incredible children. They may try to act tough sometimes, as they've been put through a great deal in their young lives, but they warm very quickly to caring adults. They then reveal themselves to be the most loving, loveable people you'll ever meet. Because of what they've seen and experienced, our students tend to have a better understanding of the importance of education than perhaps most people their age; they take their educational opportunities seriously and recognize and appreciate teacher dedication. They are also hilarious and brilliant and will have you smiling all day long.

The staff is amazing. We are a family who supports one another and who has a great time together. We laugh a LOT. New staff members always remark on how welcoming and supportive we are.

We have several negative reviews from years ago. Please note that former employees spoke very highly of staff and students and that most issues were with leadership. We now have a new admin team who is very supportive and extremely dedicated to the well-being of both students and staff. Resources have been reallocated to beautify the school, celebrate the children, and recognize the efforts of staff.

I am incredibly grateful to work at CBF."


"A phenomenal sense of purpose is served when involved with this unique population of students. The school is under new leadership as of 2020-2021. The new superintendent is supportive and collaborative. The school culture is warm and inviting, and the entire staff is supportive and dynamic! Class sizes are small, and kept under or at 15 per classroom."


"CBF is a place that has transcended into a positive school culture and climate filled with dedication of staff and students who have meaningful relationships. Our new school leader is commited to trust devoted staff that allows them to be apart of decison making and exceed expectations in academic success of CBF's students. Our motto is Together we will! We celebrate often with our successes and students share that celebration. The most enjoyable part of the job is our school Mascot Minature poodle Honey Bear and the significant bond she brings to the learning community. The hardest part of the job is flexibility and patience which is required inorder to work with trauma victims and does not surrender to excuses or enabling at all costs. I plan on staying until I retire , the best fit and most rewarding job I have ever had."


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