Integrated History

Topics of Discussion- What we're talking about...
(As we enter each new unit, this page will be updated to include new topics; upon completion of each unit, look for examples of projects/products.)

Unit 1, Framework of our Nation- September 17, 1789, the Constitution of the United States was ratified and provided the framework of our government and rights to its citizens.  Every year, on September 17, we honor this event by teaching the relevance of the Constitution (since the 17th is a Saturday this year, Constitution Day will be observed this year on the 16th).  We will analyze the Constitution as a living document and guidance for our nation.

Unit 2, The Ancient World & Trade- 

Unit 3, The Middle Ages- 

Unit 4, Industrialization- 
Unit 5, Exploration & Imperialism- 

Unit 6, World War I- 

Unit 7, Interwar Years (1920s & 30s)- 

Unit 8, World War II- 

Unit 9, New World Order-