Ms. Mahoney


Hello, my name is Richelle Mahoney and I am a Mathematics Teacher at Clara B. Ford Academy.  I earned my Secondary Teaching Certificate in Mathematics and Chemistry from Eastern Michigan University in 2006 and have been teaching high school mathematics since that time.  I love sharing my passion for mathematics with students.  My hobbies include sewing, traveling to national parks and spending time with family and friends.   

School Wide “Nonnegotiable” Rules:

1. CELL PHONES should be silenced and out of sight.

2. HALLWAY PASSES are needed during class periods.

3. ONLY APPROVED FOOD OR DRINK can be consumed during school hours.

4. TEACHER'S DESK, CHAIR, LAPTOP, AND CLASSROOM PHONE are off limits to students.

We are currently working on Quadratic Equations.  Students will learn to graph and solve quadratic equations.  We will complete the unit with a hands on project.

Image result for quadratic equation in real life


If you are working with one of our students we have a lot of resources available to help you. 
If you select "Homework Support" on the left of the screen underneath my name you will find links that will direct you to various websites geared to building Math skills.


If you wish to contact me, select "Contact Me" which is located on the left of your screen under my name. Please send me the following information:

1. Your name.
2. The students class.
3. Your email address.
4. Your question or comment. Please include the name of your student.

If you do not have an email address please leave your phone number in the question/comment section and a good time to reach you.